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Watch Woman Wednesday: Sneaky T

At seven years old. Sneaky T and her brother were performing “Wait a Minute” at their neighborhood talent show in Baltimore, Maryland. Now, she’s one of Baltimore’s well-known female rappers.

Her newest song, “I Said It,” premiered on April 12, and has since gotten almost 10k views on YouTube. During quarantine, Sneaky T has been using the time to write and is hoping to release new music in the coming months.

AMPD: What made you want to become a rapper?

Sneaky T: At the time, I guess it was the attention I was getting, I was seven years old and I was rapping and everybody was like "What in the world? I can't believe this little girl was rapping like that." It's crazy because once I got older and you know, started getting a lot of attention in my city, I was like," Okay, now. I'm a little nervous," It's like too much attention. I can't go to the grocery store, the market, nothing. so it's intense now,

AMPD: What’s been the hardest part of being a female rapper?

Sneaky T: I guess sometimes the thing that I say, I'm very blunt whatever I feel, I put it in my rap, whatever, I say I mean. So, sometimes I have people who are like "Did she really just say that?" well, males say it, males can say what they want, why can't I say what I want? Why can't I express how I feel, you know? Some people can be judgemental but in this type of career, you have to have thick skin and that's one thing that I definitely do have. But, it is what it is, I'm not stopping, I'm going to say what I want.

AMPD: Now let’s flip the question, what’s the best part of being a female rapper?

Sneaky T: My fans, my fans looking up to me I have a lot of young females that really really look up to me in my city and they also push me. It's like I haven't dropped any music or video for about a couple of months and they'll DM me like "Siss, we need that energy," "My boyfriend acting up sis, drop that stuff so I can get back in my mode, get back in my zone." So helping my females out, helping them get through their day, and especially my younger fans making them feel special and just knowing that I can help uplift them and empower women period, that's the best part.

AMPD: Who or what inspires you to make music?

Sneaky T: I actually was dating a local rapper in my city by the name of "Who's Up Next" he actually passed away, we were together when he passed away, gun violence in the city, but he was really dedicated to rapping. So I’d just go into the studio with him and vibe with him and watch how serious he was and watch the income he was getting and how he enjoyed it, he was getting his money and he was actually doing something that he liked. So he definitely was one of my top people that made me actually really, really get into the rap game more, he always had my back, he was very supportive either saying "Take this word out or put this word in," he was very supportive

AMPD: Do you have a favorite song of yours? Is there one that really resonates with you?

Sneaky T: “Cut Up” is actually my favorite. My first time performing it live was at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, I had never been there, never performed there and it brought in such a positive reaction from a crowd that wasn’t from Baltimore and it made me excited. It’s one of my favorite songs and it’s nice to know that people that aren’t from my city, that don’t even know me, we're head bobbing and we're into it.

Top three favorite songs

Triggered by Jhene Aiko

The Weeknd by SZA

Bear with Me by Teyana Taylor

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