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Watch Women Wednesday: Miss Kaniyah

Watch Women Wednesday: Miss Kaniyah

Timing was everything when Miss Kaniyah decided in 2018 to take her passion for music to the next level. From making beats on her mac to now releasing her first EP “Love it or Hate it” in May—there is no denying that it is indeed her time to shine.

As an emerging female rap artist, Miss Kaniyah seeks to be motivational and real about who she is and what her unique sound can bring to the industry, which reveals itself through her smash single “Self-Love”. During quarantine, she has been focusing on making music videos and working on part 2 for her next EP.

AMPD: How did you get into the music scene?

Miss Kaniyah: Well I’m going to tell you the short story. I started doing music about 10 years

ago. I made my music page and used garage band on my mac to create beats so that’s how I got started, I even had a decent following with lots of support. But then life happened, I grew up and I thought my passion was going to be what I majored in college which was fashion. But in 2018 my passion for music came back around full circle. I am a very firm believer that timing is everything and something within myself told me to get back into rapping and take it seriously this time and to truly commit to it. It was like an epiphany and just the timing and everything struck all at once. So, I got into the studio and dropped a single, and after I received good feedback from it, it motivated me to continue and the rest was history. I never stopped after that.

AMPD: What the hardest part of being a female rapper?

Miss Kaniyah: I think for me the hardest part is men or people in general trying to take

advantage of you or your intelligence. I do feel like I am respected for my artistry 100 percent, but I do feel like a lot of people or even organizations and companies that support me are opportunistic. I feel their support, but sometimes those are the same people that attempt to take advantage of you. But as a woman you can still see when they are preying on you or they’ll want to see if you will let somethings slide. There are just some things that I won’t allow, I won’t allow someone to treat me a certain way or spin me any type of way, I want to do my business the correct way and that’s it.

AMPD: What’s the best part of being a female rapper?

Miss Kaniyah: I think the best part about being a female rapper is the versatility. You can do so many different things, you can be super girly or super sporty. You can do so many different types of genres of music, you can sing, you can rap, or you can sing/rap. And there are some men who can be versatile but then there’s a lot of men who can’t, a lot of people can only do one thing that works for them lyrically. But with women, we can make our voices deeper or lighter you can do so many different things and be a million and one different people. Our possibilities are endless.

AMPD: Who or what inspires you?

Miss Kaniyah: Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m very much inspired by Beyonce. This

might sound crazy, but I honestly feel spiritually connected to the Queen Bey. It’s like meditating sometimes when I’m listening to her or watching her interviews and videos. I’ve been a fan of hers for a long time, at one time in my life my Instagram page was full of Beyonce pictures and everyone thought it was a fake page, but it was just me.

Top 3 favorite female Artist:




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