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Rapper, Toosii Excites DMV Crowds at the Fillmore : Concert Review

With four projects under his belt, Toosii attracts the audience and fandom of a well- seasoned hip-hop artist. North Carolina – born, New York-raised, rapper, Toosii, born Nau’Jour Grainger, finely walks the line between singer and rapper with melodies that evoke the trauma and heartbreak of his life and powerful baselines that characterize the sounds of fellow label mate and North Carolina artist, DaBaby. Toosii, 21, amassed a diverse crowd of teens and young adults at his only DMV stop on his 26-city tour at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Opening with songs from his latest album and the tour’s namesake, “Thank You for Believing,“ Toosii mesmerized the crowd with a flow and breath control that was as smooth as an album listening session. Every bar was delivered with accuracy and efficiency.

Fans who were previously subdued craned their necks to capture him as he engaged broad swaths of his audience from one end of the stage to the other. “Washington DC is my favorite city,” Toosii breathlessly exclaimed to shrieking girls after the first few songs. He then transitioned into hits from his previous album, like the uptempo “Right Now” which ignited the entire audience. Every song was a crowd pleaser and there were no closed mouths to be found.

An artist who is as concerned about the fan experience, as well as his own performance - - Toosii was hands-on in creating the proper lighting experience for his set. He directed the crowd and the lighting technicians throughout the night, ushering in red lights for the aptly named, “Red Lights” – the song that launched his career - and cueing artist participation with their phone lights for songs like the crowd-favorite “Euphoria”.

His stage set up was simple, yet striking, featuring a pink and blue house, reminiscent of 2-Chainz’s Atlanta-based Pink Trap House and representing his fusion of Southern Hip-Hop with his New York rearing. It also served as a changing-room as he emerged from the house, shirtless and chainless for the second half with a clear plan - woo the Ladies. The slippery lyrics of “Sapiosexual” were followed by the searing love of “Poetic Pain” from an album, he describes as “pain music, but it {feels} like poetry.” He ended the concert with his hit record that features R&B superstar, Summer Walker, “Love Cycle” leaving the crowd wanting more as he bounced backstage.

Toosii’s DMV stop did nothing less than solidify his position as a future star in this game with a lot more to say. He captivates young people with lyrics that bare his soul and make him feel like a friend, a brother, and a lover, all in one. So, what’s next for this inspiring artist? Only time and life experience will tell as he makes his way up the east coast.

Article & Photos : Portia Polk

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